One to One…
We work closely with our clients
using a clear, no nonsense approach

lead generation

Two peas in a pod…
We’re an invaluable extension
of your marketing team


Three dimensional…
We approach your business from
all sides to see every angle.


Four seasons…
Whatever the weather, we’re your
long term partner for sustained success


Five senses…
We use all our senses, plus
the most important of all… common sense.


Sixth sense…
Our planning and foresight can
keep you ahead of the pack.


Seven days a week…
We’ll work around the clock
to ensure your business thrives.


Pieces of eight…
Our value for money services
will increase your profit.


The whole nine yards…
Our comprehensive services takes
the strain off day-to-day activities.


Ten out of ten…
We put in 100% to ensure
you get the best possible results

Ten Tips to Help Make Your Business Fly
We all know how difficult it can be to take time out to work on our business rather than in it.

But we also know that in order to develop and grow our business, we need to ensure that the fundamentals are right.

So, in order to help busy directors, the team at FRJ Business and Marketing Solutions has put together business development tips to ensure your business is in good shape.

We work with businesses at different stages of their life cycle, from those starting out to those which are established but looking for fresh ideas or inspiration to take them to the next level.

Our services include:

  • Business planning, development and forecasting;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Branding and re-branding programmes;
  • Marketing support;
  • Website and social media development and management.

Interested? The contact us by calling Fareeda Jaleel, Managing Director of FRJ Business and Marketing Solutions today on 01925 430309 or email: and find out how using a marketing agency could significantly boost your business.

Ten Marketing Tips for Businesses

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