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lead generation

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At FRJ Solutions we specialise in strategic and tactical marketing that will allow your business to flourish.

This month we are looking at why you should think about refreshing or redeveloping your website. Don’t click off yet, this is important! Your company website represents your business, it is the first thing that many of your potential customers will see; a strong online presence has never been more important.

1. At FRJ Solutions we specialise in rebranding. If your business has undergone a rebrand then your website will certainly need a change as well. Rebranding a website isn’t just about changing the colours and layout within the site, it can involve building a website structure and usability that represents your business.

2. What do you think when you go on a website which clearly hasn’t been updated in years (indicated by blog posts or copyright information at the bottom)? It can bring up an array of thoughts from, are they still in business? To; is this a one man band who hasn’t got time to update their website? Keeping your website up to date is important stuff. If your website hasn’t been updated in years or generally looks out of date (ask someone impartial to look at your website and compare it to your competitors) then it might be time for a change.

3. If your website is a few years old it probably won’t be ‘mobile friendly’ meaning people visiting it on smartphones or tablets will see a weak looking site, or worse, one that doesn’t function properly. Statistics show that up to 40% of searches can be conducted on smartphones or tablets. If your site isn’t set up accordingly you may be giving your business a negative appearance to up to 40% of your potential customers. Not a great first impression.

4. Updating your website can give you so many more features that simply weren’t available a few years ago. Options such as a blog, forum, booking systems and more which are now easily accessible and affordable to integrate onto a website gives visitors much more to do on a site and crucially keeps them on there for longer.

5. If your business is in a sector that benefits from a strong social media presence then your website should incorporate these social media channels. Giving visitors the option to find out more about your business through social media can give them an insight into your companies values and more. At the very least if your business is active on social media your website should give visitors the opportunity to share the pages on your website on their own social media channels – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

6. Finally, how about creating a new website just to blow off the cobwebs, shake things up a bit and show your competitors how it should be done? Instead of reacting when everyone else has a better presence than you why not lead the way.

We have built a number of websites for numerous companies in a wide range of sectors; from online retail to construction. Our website creation service has been used by start up companies and long established firms who have sought a more modern look or as part of their overall rebrand. Don’t worry if money is tight, our no nonsense approach won’t cost the Earth so get in touch to find out if we could be of help to your business.

Unlike many of our competitors you will not merely be purchasing a standard website that looks nice, you will receive so much more. We are marketing experts with a team of specialists who have decades of experience coupled with some of the very best graphic designers and website builders. At FRJ Solutions you will receive the full package which will be a formula for success for your new website.