One to One…
We work closely with our clients
using a clear, no nonsense approach

lead generation

Two peas in a pod…
We’re an invaluable extension
of your marketing team


Three dimensional…
We approach your business from
all sides to see every angle.


Four seasons…
Whatever the weather, we’re your
long term partner for sustained success


Five senses…
We use all our senses, plus
the most important of all… common sense.


Sixth sense…
Our planning and foresight can
keep you ahead of the pack.


Seven days a week…
We’ll work around the clock
to ensure your business thrives.


Pieces of eight…
Our value for money services
will increase your profit.


The whole nine yards…
Our comprehensive services takes
the strain off day-to-day activities.


Ten out of ten…
We put in 100% to ensure
you get the best possible results

A number of simple steps would enable law firms to transform the way they market themselves and win business

Fareeda Jaleel, Founder of FRJ Solutions, says the most successful law firms are the ones which have embraced the following guidelines:

  1. Good financial planning – understanding the key numbers for their business;
  2. Powerful branding – knowing that brand is about more than pretty colours and pictures;
  3. Client is King – focussing on the client rather than the firm;
  4. Time management – avoiding dumping the firm’s marketing on one person;
  5. Price matters – importance of being transparent about services and costs;
  6. Knowing your clients – many firms claim to know their clients but don’t really invest time understanding their businesses or sectors;
  7. Website that works – most law firm websites lack clarity of message and are poor at attracting and capturing new business;
  8. Seeking the right inspiration – instead of obsessing with other law firms, firms would be better seeking inspiration from the sectors in which they operate;
  9. Ask the expert – too many firms still think that lawyers can also double up as marketers, copywriters and brand experts when they should be hiring specialists to show them how to do it properly;
  10. Marketing matters – law firms which understand that marketing is not fluffy and should be about delivering quantifiable results are the ones which succeed.

Fareeda said: “We all know that the legal sector is going through huge change at the moment and that law firms are facing some of their biggest ever challenges which will mean the difference between success and failure.

“While many sectors have long understood the importance of marketing within a business’s overall strategy, many parts of the legal sector continue to live in the marketing dark ages.

“There are exceptions to the rule and they are reaping the rewards of investing in the right marketing strategy for their firm. This does not have to mean spending vast sums of money but about allocating affordable budgets and then making sure you get a return on investment and quantifiable results.

“The ten steps outlined above are based on my experience of working with and within the legal sector during the past decade. These steps alone have the potential to transform the way a law firm markets itself to existing and future clients, strategic partners and funders.”