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Do You Need Marketing Lead Generation for your Business?

In today’s competitive environment, businesses need all the help they can get. Effective, targeted marketing lead generation is one area that is worth its weight in gold. It’s an area of sales and marketing that has transformed in recent years. Where in the past businesses spent a large part of marketing budgets on speculative cold calling or mass email distribution, the current environment is more intelligent, better focused and yields higher rates of conversion when done well.

Producing the Right Content

Key to marketing lead generation nowadays is taking advantage of the online world. There are ample opportunities to connect with the right prospects if you have a good strategy in place. This includes having the content that is going to appeal and engage potential customers and will rank highly on search engines such as Google and Bing but also involves having the processes in place that ensure sales department know when the best time is to nurture important leads.

It’s more about facilitating the buying process rather than pushing the sales option, giving potential customers and clients every opportunity to engage.

Engaging on Social Media

A key area where this lead generation has taken a step forward is in the use of social media platforms to reach out and nurture prospects. Combined with the right website content and the right demographic profiles, social media can be a powerful prospecting tool. You can grow followings on Twitter and Facebook and join relevant groups, or network with other businesses, to ensure that those interested in what you have to offer have every chance of finding you.

The key to all this is what is called the digital body language of the prospect and what stage they are at. It needs to be combined with a strong strategy for sales approaches that could include aspects such as pricing, servicing and special offers and even contacting directly by phone.

Educating Prospects

Finding prospects is all well and good but the strategy also needs to include nurturing and education. This can be done by providing free webinars or valuable online content that raises brand profile and increases the bond between potential customer and provider. Even then, the process of lead generation next has to transform into a long-term relationship where updates and further valuable information and engagement are used to keep a customer onside.

Email and Phone Are Not Obsolete

With much marketing lead generation being focused on providing the environment for prospects to find and engage with a particular company, you may be forgiven for thinking that the humble email and phone are things of the past. For some industries this may well be the case, but emails are still a potent force in nurturing new customers and the phone is a vital part of many sales processes.

To manage the whole lead generation lifecycle, many businesses need to have a rounded strategy, moving away from time honoured and traditional methods to more intelligent nurturing processes that are measured and tweaked to produce the right results. No business can sit online and hope to engage with the world through SEO alone, however good it is, and a well-rounded marketing strategy that has lead generation and nurturing at its core is important for continued success.