One to One…
We work closely with our clients
using a clear, no nonsense approach

lead generation

Two peas in a pod…
We’re an invaluable extension
of your marketing team


Three dimensional…
We approach your business from
all sides to see every angle.


Four seasons…
Whatever the weather, we’re your
long term partner for sustained success


Five senses…
We use all our senses, plus
the most important of all… common sense.


Sixth sense…
Our planning and foresight can
keep you ahead of the pack.


Seven days a week…
We’ll work around the clock
to ensure your business thrives.


Pieces of eight…
Our value for money services
will increase your profit.


The whole nine yards…
Our comprehensive services takes
the strain off day-to-day activities.


Ten out of ten…
We put in 100% to ensure
you get the best possible results

The team at FRJ Solutions are outsourced marketing specialists who can help businesses develop through a number of means, including business analysis.

Many companies, directors and senior manager can be so busy with day to day operations that they don’t take the time to analyse their own business to identify potential weaknesses and build a plan for growth. The team at FRJ can take an in depth look at your business from crunching the numbers, analysing marketing activities and competitor analysis.

Some key questions to think about include:

  • Do you know what your competitors are doing?
  • How is your income performance managed?
  • How strong is your brand identity?
  • Is your business plan and forecasting up to date and strong?
  • How effective is your website, is it getting traffic and are they converting to enquiries?

If you think your business might benefit from our analytics service why not get in touch for a free, informal conversation about your business needs? Our experienced team will be happy to hear from you. If you do decide to use our services you will be pleased to know that if money is tight, our straight talking, no nonsense approach won’t cost the Earth but will get the results you desire.

The team at FRJ Solutions will help you implement an in depth business analysis which will:

  1. Discover your primary business objective(s)
  2. Define the scope in a tangible way that will give your business a clear path for moving forward.
  3. Create a business analysis plan unique to your company.
  4. Define detailed requirements that are clear and concise for your business.
  5. Supporting your business with the implementation of the objectives.
  6. Assess the value created by the implementation of the analysis plan.

We are based in Warrington, Cheshire but our clients are right cross the North West and in many cases nationwide.